Chile Travel March 2004

Travel to the north of Chile going by Argentinian mountain side done on March and April 2004, also a mountain trip in central Chile to El Plomo summit 17.814 ft ( 5.430 m ).

Regatas Club

Regatas Club Mendoza at the lagoon in the main park of Mendoza

Desertic landscape

Desertic landscape in San Juan, Argentina

Mountain landscape

Mountain landscape at Los Cardones Natl. Park in Salta Argentina

Another view

Los Cardones Natl. Park form part of Calchaquies valleys, Salta's main attractions


This donkey belong to the desertic part of Los Cardones


This is the cactus that gives the name to the park

The cloud's railroad

Landscape at "Ferrocarril de las Nubes" or the cloud's railroad

Another view

The cloud's railroad is another of the main attractions

Sand dunes

Sand dunes in the same moon's valley


This desert is the dryest in the world

Coastal road

Coastal road between Tocopilla and Iquique, Chile

Desert forest

A rarity , Tamarugo tree forest in the middle of the desert


Chile's 5 route crossing Pampa Tamarugal ( Tamarugo tree forest )


Hanging glacier near Morado summit in Metropoliran region, central Chile


Another look at the col ( look at the people down)


Tiny family dog, very friendly


Zapallar, exclusive beach town in central Chile


Aconcagua summit 22.834 ft ( 6.960 m ) seen from El Plomo summit

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