Papudo Isla de los Lobos 2004 Expedition

A day kayak expedition to Isla de los Lobos island bird nesting and breeding place was done on 14th November 2004.

At Papudo's Little Beach

Starting right from the beach

Lilenes Beach

A stop in the middle of the journey

A Papudo's view

Looking back to Papudo ( 4 km away)

Lilenes' pool

Looks like a pool

Mighty Ship

My kayak's nickname

Take out at Isla de los Lobos

Dangerous place to take out

Stone wall

Watch tower facing south, covered with bird shit

Another view

Side view of the watch tower ( 20 m )

Stone beach( Put in)

Another dangerous place to put in

Rock climbing

Rock climbing needed to get up

Penguin's nest

Two young penguins at their nest

Plateu of the island

Completely covered with bird shit (fertilizer)


Pelicans wandering at the top of the island

View to the north

View towards north

Take out from top

The take out place from the summit

Penguin colony

All the colony taking some sun

The Summit

Summit of the island

Mama penguin

Mama penguin with offspring

West side

West side of the island

Piqueros nesting rock

Piqueros( similar to cormorant) like to nest at cliffs

Turmoil at heavens

Turmoil caused by the photographer

Another view

Another view

Piqueros nest and eggs

Look at the different egg colors

Baby penguin

Don't think he is helpless, hard beak!

Pacific Ocean

Another look at the west

Pelican's rock

Pelican's rock

Pelican's flight

A pelican's flight

Close look

Close look to birds' flight

Another pelican's rock

Young pelicans over their rock

Island's location in the bay

Towards the northern end of the bay is located the island

Añañuca (Spring flower)

Añañucas ( sorry for the blurr )

Cactus flower

Very delicate and rare

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