Termas de Chillán 2004 Ski Competition

 On august 28th was celebrated in Termas de Chillán the first date of Chile´s national mountain ski competition circuit ( there will be three dates).

Guides' Hut

Preparing for the competition after traveling all night

Main run

One of the main runs of ski resort, threatening storm

Chillán's forest

Central south chile's deciduous forest

Hotel's bar

Hotel's bar at the living room


Another look at the forest


All categories champion, from the army


Me looking at the awarding ceremony


Waiting for the meat having a chilean wine

Parking lot

Parking lot in the forest


Pirigallo hotel , one of the many hotels at Termas de Chillán


Getting into the bus

Hot spring pool

Waters from the hot spring are driven couple of miles to hotel's pool

Hot and relaxed

A break outside the pool to cool down

Snow monkey

Strange specie descending from Japan's snow monkey

Two snow monkeys

This specie has lost its fur and is very close to humans

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