San José Volcano and Marmolejo 2004 Winter Expedition

 From 11th September until the 18th was done the winter expedition for double ascent to  summits San José Volcano and Marmolejo .

Baños Morales

Starting point of expedition


On the departing morning discussing about strategies

La Engorda Valley

In La Engorda Valley looking towards Marmolejo to the northeast( not seen)


Noon time at a rest in El Morro

San José Volcano

San José Volcano from El Morro

Back country skiing

Flat place great for back country skiing

Cerro Catedral

Cerro Catedral getting from Las Yeseras to La Engorda Valley

Plantat Creek

Resting at where Plantat Creek gets to La Engorda Valley

Soft snow

Slow ascent over soft snow with snow shoes arriving at 3000 m


Looking back to La Engorda valley

Plantat hut

Plantat hut ( 3167 m ) covered by snow

Plantat hut

Another view


Magnificient backdrop towards the west at 3500 m

San José volcano

San José volcano, new normal route ( Claudio Lucero ) by the snowed gulley

At 3600 m

Resting at 3600 m ,view towards the west

Classical route

The classical route at 3700 m

Camp 1

Camp 1 at 3900 m

Castle mountain

Castle mountain ( 5400 m ) south view

La Engorda valley

La Engorda valley from 4000 m

Camp 2

Camp 2 at 4700 m

View from Camp 2

View at the west from Camp 2

Taking a shit

Expeditionaire surprised by the camera

Camp 3

Camp 3 at 5400 m


San José main volcanic nozzle ( near summit )

Another view

Another view of main nozzle


Group picture , behind them the international summit ( 5886 m )


Sunset from Camp 3 at 5400 m


Marmolejo( 6109 m ) from south col at 5100 m

Chilean glacier

Chilean glacier at west of south col


Solid ice over south col, view to the west

Another view

Behind, the North San José ( 5740 m ) ,at left a dangerous scree, at right, a 600 m scree that goes to the summit

Chilean glacier

A view to chilean glacier from Marmolejo

Another view

Another view of south col

North San José and San José

Notice three routes , left : following the glacier from col between NSJ and SJ, center: scree after following NSJ at level , right: scree to the summit

Glacier near top

South facing glacier near top at 5900 m

Near summit

At 5975 m

South view

South view from summit , Castle Mountain, San José and North San José

Palomar Glacier

Northeast view towards Palomar Glacier

South summit

South summit ( following a ridge)

Mount Palomar

Mount Palomar at north ( 5950 m )

East view

Glacier towards the east ( Argentina )


North view to Tupungato ( 6570 m )


Aconcagua( 6970 m ) and Cerro de las Polleras ( 5975 m )

Aconcagua and Tupungato

Aconcagua and Tupungato






Blizzard going down at 4000 m


Another picture

Back in Baños Morales

Back in Baños Morales

Baños Morales

Baños Morales

Baños Morales

Baños Morales

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