San Pedro and San Pablo volcanoes 2004 Expedition

From 8th October until the 15th was done the twin volcano expedition by Tecnificación Program of Chilean Mountain Federation, we were invited to join.

Flowered desert

As we traveled from Santiago we saw this rare phenomena usually ocurring in early spring in Norte Chico ( 26º to 28º Parallel )

Hand in the desert

A sculpture near the highway 5 ( Km 1307 )

Twin volcanoes

Twin volcanoes seen from far

St Peter and St Paul

The skirts of the twin volcanoes

Paniri and salt flats

Paniri mountain ( 5950 m ) and salt flats

Base camp

Base camp at 4560 m

Base camp

Another look of base camp

Paniri from trail

View from trail at 4700 m


A view of the col between the twin volcanoes

Col from summit

A view of the col from near the summit of St Peter ( western one )

Volcanic nozzle

The volcanic nozzle of St Peter all the time emanating toxic fumes

St Paul

St Paul seen from St Peter


Summit box in St Peter from Banco de Chile

Volcanic nozzle

Another view of the volcanic nozzle

Northeast of St Peter

A view towards the northeast , Aral mountain and Ascotan salt flats


Arrived at the summit

2nd camp

Second camp at the col at 5330 m


Ascending St Paul by the ridge connecting the col and the summits

The ridge and the col

A little bit higher

The wall

Rock wall blocking our way

The wall

10 to 15 meter rock wall at 6000 m ( we had to surround it to the south )

St Paul's crater

St Paul's crater at the side of the col

Ollagüe volcano

Ollagüe volcano and salt flats

At the summit

At the summit of St Paul

Sulphur mountain

Sulphur mountain getting into fire

Back and safe

At a lower camp besides the river

Late in the night

Arrived at 4 am at Sugar Loaf Nat'l Park

Nat'l Park

Nat'l Park at day

English Bay

English Bay beach having lunch

Endurance test

The most demanding endurance test ever


Tongoy beach

Michael Jackson

A chilean version of Michael Jackson

Highway stop

Lunch stop at H'way 5

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